Judging Forms

Note: This section is only for roles: Manager or Judges

The judging forms page is an organized way for all judges to manage their judging task. The page contains a search field for search for the attendee event number, the Incomplete list of vehicles, and completed list vehicles. When a judge comes upon a physical vehicle to judge the judge will locate the attendee number on their physical dashcard. The judge then finds or searches for the number on this page. The judge then clicks the number button (blue) on the Judging Forms page and the page will redirect to the form for that vehicle.

Access Judging Forms Page

  1. Login into driventoshow.com as a manager or judge role.
  2. Click on the event (or go to Events in the main navigation and click the event)
  3. Click on Judging Forms.

Judging a vehicle using the judge form: While on the Judging Form page location the attendee number button (blue) for the vehicle you want to judge. The page will redirect to the judge for page. Depending on how the form was configured you may have a team or single judge mode:

Single Judge Form Mode: A single judge mode will contain all fields and a notes section. Tap and slide to add/deduct points to/from the full score. Once complete click Save. The page will turn green to indicate form in completed as well as indicate the date/time and judge who completed the form.

Team Judge Form Mode:. A team judge mode allows more than one judge to judge one or more sections of the form independently. Only until each section is completed will the entire form be completed. While in progress each section will indicate green when completed and with incomplete sections it will be kept dark blue. See Edit Judging Form for more information.

Once the form is completed in entirety the vehicle will be moved from the Incomplete list to the Completed list.