Full Show Management

Use a fully digital or hybrid paper solution.
Need a paper only solution?
  • Pre, Self, and Staff Registration Online.
    Include your payment system to accept credit cards.
  • Attendee free page for their vehicle.
    On registration your registrant/attendee with receive a notification of their free page where they can add photos and additional information about their vehicle and tell it's story. Spectators can see this information by using the QR code that is added to their dash card.
  • Digital or Paper Judging
    Super fast way to judge via your phone or paper. With digital the results are instantly calculated at the time of judging while paper is instant the moment a staff member completes the paper form. Watch Video Demo of Digital Judging
  • Digital or Paper People's Choice
    A digital solution offers a more efficient way of managing people's choice with a unique way for your specators to vote only once via their own device or staff can commit paper choices to the system quickly.
  • Trophy assignment and announcement
    Quicker way to assign trophies and awards to winners. Anounce the winners of the awards from your device or paper. Includes the award, vehicle and owner information and more.
  • Door Prizes management
    No more worrying about paper tickets that get lost. Allows you to manage the door prize tickets without the need to hand out a paper ticket. Click the "New Ticket" button to create a new door prize ticket. The name of the person, their vehicle and other details will be available when calling out who has won the door prize.
  • Payments to accept credit card transactions.
    Integrate your payment solution to seemlessly accept credit cards when you wish to collect payments for registrations, donations, auctions, food, etc.

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