Judging Form

Note: This section is only for roles: Manager

The judging form is configurable so that it fits your needs when judging. The default form can be changed but be aware that the scores for already judged vehicles will be wiped because the configuration will no longer match.


Sections or Single mode is available. See more below on explanations of each for better understanding of each. If you would like one judge/person per vehicle choose the single mode setting. If you would like more than one judge/person to judge one particular section of a vehicle choose sections. Sections also allow you to allow judges to select stars, mark as best for a best paint for example and add notes per section. The feature defaults to single because most events use single mode.


Choose additional if you would like add points as you judge. Choose deduction if you would like each vehicle to start with a perfect score but deduct points from the score as you judge. The system will automatically calculate the perfect score using the Sections and / or fields.

Reverse Labels

Choose Yes if you would like the labels for the points under each field to be the higher value on the left instead of on the right.

Move by Tap

Choose on if you'd like to tap anywhere on the slider's field to move the range nib to that location. Off if you would like to first tap the range's nib then slide. Keeping this feature off can prevent accidental touches which could result in unwanted score changes.

Sections and Fields

Sections (used by the team mode) defines the category of the judged item. For example exterior would be a section. In each section there can be multiple fields that would break up the section into parts. Using the exterior example the fields could be cleanliness, scratches, dust, wheels & tires..etc. Assign point values to each field using the drop down.

Fields only (used by the single mode). Add fields and assign point values to each field. The system will assign a default form with fields based on a common judging form layout. Feel free to edit, add and remove fields to fit your needs.

Sections Mode for team judging

This setting allows for multiple judges/people to judge the same vehicle but be focused on one section each. For example it may be useful to have a person judge just the exterior, another judge just the interior and another judge just the engine bay. Having a judge that only judges one section can ensure there is a consistency for that particular section. The system will not prevent a single person to judge more than one section per vehicle however. Each section judged and saved will be independent of the other sections and those scores. Once all sections are judged the score will be complete. If another person (or the same person) changes any scores in any section the system will alert the user and if confirmed the score will overwrite the previous score.

Single Mode

A longer explanation of the mode setting as a single judge per vehicle. This mode setting allows for a single person to judge one vehicle and save that score for the vehicle. This is different from the team mode because once the score is saved the judging for that vehicle is complete. If another person (or the same person) changes any scores the system will alert the user and if confirmed the score will overwrite the previous score.

Caution should be taken when judging vehicles with more than one judge is near each other. If the system receives scores for the same vehicle at nearly the same time the last score received will overwrite first score. Coordination between the judges is best to ensure one judge submission for each vehicle / section of the vehicle.