Printable Registration Form

When an attendee does not want to self-register via an internet connected device but instead by physically writing their information down on a piece of paper using the Printed Registration form is an easy way to help them. Print the printable registration form have the attendee fill out the paper form then a staff member will enter their information into the system.

Managers will be able to access the print form by doing the following:

  1. Log into
  2. Click Events
  3. Click on your event
  4. Click Edit Event
  5. Click Edit Details
  6. Click "Print Form" in the upper right corner. A new page will open with the registration form fields.


  • The organization logo can be added to this form by adding it on the Edit Details page.
  • The form is generated based on the registration form.
  • Groups/Classes are generated based on the Groups/Classes added to the show.

Example form: Example Printed Registration Form