People's Choice Scores

Note: This section is only for roles: Manager or Administrators

The People's Choice Scores page is the page to see all the results from all turned in People's Choice ballots. Administrators can use this page to vote on behalf of a spectator who turned in their physical paper ballot. Administrators can also change the method of a grouped vs non-grouped list of results - if groups are used. At the end of the People's Choice ballot time frame marking the People's Choice complete is important.

Mark the People's Choice Complete at end of ballot turn in time While on the People's Choice Scores page toggle the "Complete" switch with blue being the People's Choice is now complete. Once turned toggled complete(blue) no new ballot can be changed and/or submitted to the system. Use this to ensure ballots aren't changed after the time frame for ballot turn in time has concluded.

Access the People's Choice Scores

  1. Login into as a manager or administrator role.
  2. Click on the event (or go to Events in the main navigation and click the event)
  3. Click on People's Choice Scores.

Change grouped vs non-group While on the People's Choice Scores page toggle the "Group" switch. If no groups have been created for the event then this option will not appear.

Vote on behalf of a physical paper ballot: The system allows two ways for a People's Choice participant to turn in their ballot but the system needs to obtain the digital version of the results. To do this enter the unique code of the turned in ballot into the "People's Choice Ballot ID" input box then click Vote. A new page will appear contain the fields for groups and attendee's number. Using the paper ballot as the reference make sure to pick and choose the attendee numbers for each group. It is possible for the participate to fully or partially filling out the digital ballot and still turn in the paper ballot.

Trophy assignment: A trophy/award can be assigned to an attendee from the list. Click the button for the attendee you'd like to assign the trophy too using the trophy action button. A modal will appear. Click the radio button for the trophy you'd like to assign. If a trophy is already assigned to another attendee it will be indicated on this modal. You can override that selection with the section you're about to make. Keep in mind that the edit trophy section can limit which trophies are for which section (People's Choice) and which Group the trophy should go to.

Print: While on the People's Choice Scores page click the Print action button. A new window/tab will appear containing a printer friendly version of the People's Choice Scores/Results page. You can toggle the grouped vs non-grouped at the top of this page.