Judging Scores

Note: This section is only for roles: Manager or Judges

The judging scores page contains the results of the judging forms. Only completed judging forms will appear in this list. The scores are sorted from highest to lowest and if groups are used it will group them accordingly. You can toggle the group vs non-group at any time.

Access Judging Scores Page

  1. Login into driventoshow.com as a manager or judge role.
  2. Click on the event (or go to Events in the main navigation and click the event)
  3. Click on Judging Scores.

Grouped vs non-grouped: If groups are used this feature allows you to quickly toggle the ability to see the top scores by group or non-grouped.

Print: Click the "Print" action button to print a list of the judging scores. This can be helpful in when the task of trophy selection is needed.

Form Sheet: Each full score is made up of sections and field's result. Click the "Sheet" button for each score to see the form's sub selections and results based on the configuration of the judging form.

Assign Trophy:. A trophy can be assigned for the section (judge) and per group when configured in the Edit > Trophies section. To assign a trophy click the Trophy button on the row for the vehicle you'd like to award the trophy to. A modal will appear. Review the available list of trophies. If a trophy is already awarded the information of the attendee will appear. Click the radio button for the trophy you want to award knowing you can override the previous awarding. Click Save.