Note: This section is only for roles: Manager

Add Groups/Classes to your event if you would like to segment the vehicles. For example: Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles and Modified can be groups. Vehicles brands such as Audi, Porsche, VW, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Opal can be groups if you were having a German classic show. Generations like C1-C8 would be groups if you were having an all Corvette Event.

Groups allow for (optionally) segmented people's choice selection, judging as well as trophy assignment. Scores can also be segmented by groups.

The Group/Class table will show the register attendees per group as Attendee Counts as well as the count of trophies that are assigned to each group.

Deletion of a Group can occur as long as no Attendee is assigned to that group and no trophy is assigned to an attendee that is in that group. Change what group the attendee is assigned to first before considering deleting the group. Modifications of the groups after the show can result in confusion. It is best to think through the groups/classes names as you are configuring your event.