The dashcard is printed for each attendee. The dashcard is best printed on 8.5in X 11in card stock using a reliable printer on site. The dashcard will contain information about the vehicle, owner and additional details including their vehicle number in the show and a QR code use by judges and spectators.

Note: This section is only for roles: Manager


Dashcard Public

Toggle this feature on when you'd like the dashcard to be emailed to the attendee upon registration. This can be used to allow attendees who pre-register to print their own dashcard head of the show.

Toggle Display of Content

These toggles allow you to turn on or off the content on the dashcard. For example: You can toggle off the make of the vehicle if you are having an all Chevrolet or all Ford show.

Add your organization's logo to personalize the dashcard to your event.

Background Image

Add a background image if you have a certain graphic that you'd like to be on every dashcard in a particular location. The background image must be exactly 11 inches wide and 8.5 inches high in the landscape orientation. Then use the "Toggle Display Content" options to optimize the background image's placement. Use the "View Sample" button to see what the dashcard will look like as you make and Save changes on this page.

Sponsor Images

Up-to 10 sponsor images will fit on the dashcard. It is best to have images that are around 100px X 100px in size but can be taller or wider. The dashcard template will do it's best to adjust the images to work together with other images in the sponsor area of the dashcard. Use the "View Sample" button to view the sample dashcard as you add and remove image. These images will float from the center out with the template doing it's best to align and evenly distributing the images.